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Questions about the CubaCoupon Service

What`s the advantage of buying a coupon in CubaCoupon network?

By acquiring this coupon, you will have exclusive access to several services, in which you will get a 15 % discount of the total amount or values added that have been previously defined with the provider.

Is there some sort of identification for the Coupon clients?

Indeed, there is a distinctive value for the customers of this service. Their identification is the service card that you will receive via e-mail after having made the reservation, and which you should present later to the service provider so that you can start enjoying the benefits of CubaCoupon Network.

How do I know if am really getting a discount?

In general Casas Particulares in Cuba have an average Price: 25 CUC (29 EUR/26 USD) depending on the location and the services offered. With a 15 % discount, you will save more than 5 CUC (6 EUR/5.20 USD) per accommodation night.

After having bought it, Can I cancel my coupon?

The coupon can be cancelled if the cancelation date is before the activation date of the service. The activation date goes with the arrival time in Cuba, stated during the purchase of the coupon.

If I dont want to use it. Can I give my coupon away?

The coupon will have the data of the customer that will be using it.

Are there houses that offer discount and they are not identified with the logo of CubaCoupon?

Every house that offers THIS specific discount system is part of CubaCoupon Network and they should be identified with a sticker that shows the logo and name of our product.

Is this discount only useful for accommodation, or can I use this coupon to hire other services?

The coupon includes all the services indicated on our website when the purchase takes place.

Who should I address if I have a problem with the house(s) chosen?

Nuestra oficina en La Habana siempre está a su disposición para cualquier duda sobre el servicio o en caso de que ocurra algún inconveniente con la casa seleccionada. Usted podrá hacer sus comentarios a través del teléfono 7867 3574. También a través del correo

If my Coupon ends and I want to get another one, how can I do it?

You can request its renewal or buy a new one through our web platform, following the same steps of the first purchase.