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Legal terms


In the following document are set out the legal basis, contractual and practical for the use of the site, which will be a compulsory reference. We recommend that you read it carefully.

When you access the web site or our services, these conditions of use are stated. Once you read them and understand them, you will be subject to them. This document constitutes a legal guarantee between the users and

The site is run by ABUC Media Network GmbH (“Limited Liability company”) as a service aimed at the international tourism interested in visiting the island. Its goal is to promote an economical stay in Cuba, by acquiring coupons with a % of discount, previously defined by the parties.

These coupons are valid for all the business integrated to our service network that includes accommodation, food and beverage, as well as recreation for international tourism.

In the case of accommodation, once the coupon is bought, this kind is neither compatible, nor can be combined with any other kind of reservation . That is, our discount policy is totally incompatible with services of third parties, and therefore, commission on this service is not allowed. works specifically on the service network that shows the sticker of the website, and which are available to make the appropriate discounts.

There are 4 kinds of coupons, associated with the quantity of weeks that your stay in the country will last. The coupon will have a validity period visible on the card.

This discount facility can be used once in each service. is in charge of the sale of the coupon and will deal with all the claims derived from this process, as well as any other question about it.

Please, be aware that when you carry out the purchase of a coupon, there isn’t any middleman between you and the owner of the business that provides the services.

Registration and users’ accounts: In order to make easier the access to the website and avoid repetition of your personal data, we recommend that you register on, and like that you will have at your disposal the functionalities and services that we suggest.

In order to register you should enter your personal data, that is, name, zip code, telephone, e-mail address, as well as other pieces of information. In the process of registration you will also have to give us your password. You should let us know immediately if you detect or suspect there is an unauthorized use of your e-mail or if there is any security failure you may know.

In any case we do not assume responsibility if a person that knows your password uses (and/or makes transactions through) our services and website.

We reserve the right to decline a new registration and cancel your account any time.

Uses of the site: This website and our services are intended as a personal and non-commercial use. You can only access the site through our service network, but not through a robot, spider, an off line reader, a search application,/automatic recovery or other automatic and manual devices, tools; recovery, and indexation processes, data collection processes of our website, by scraping, through spiders, or any other unauthorized way.

Errors and omissions: we are willing to correct any error or omission, once it has been detected or notified. We reserve the right to change, modify, replace, suspend or leave out without prior warning any coupon, service or information of the website or what is part of the occasional services.

Access Denial: Although we try to keep a non-interrupted access to the services and the website, the access to them can be suspended, restricted, or cancelled any time. Your access to the website and/or services can also be restricted occasionally for repairs, maintenance, or due to the introduction of new devices or services. We try to restore the access as soon as possible.

Closing accounts: We would reserve the right to close accounts if any user were violating our terms of use, or if this user interrupted the website or the services in any possible way.

E-mail address, data transmission, and privacy: When you give us your personal information: e-mail address, name, and other pieces of information in order to use the services of our website, you accept they are entered automatically into our database. This information is only used for the authentication of registration and for the personalization of services, which also includes the update of special offers, services and other matters of interest for the customers.

It is a priority at to guarantee the confidentiality and reliability of the information offered by the customers. Respecting data privacy is one of our priorities. By no means will they be given to third parties or companies outside

You can make comments and ask questions through the following e-mail address: or by calling at the following phone number: +53 58 41 98 21.

Advertisements: advertisements can be sent on our behalf by our associates who, on our behalf place or recognize a unique “cookie” on their browser. If you want further information on this practice, or if you want to know the choices you have, then read our privacy policy.

Your obligation: You guarantee that all the information offered during the registration and that is included on your account during the put into practice of this agreement is true, complete, and accurate, and that you will let us know any change in this information by updating right away the data of your account.

Prohibitions: It is forbidden to commercialize the services of the website, provide false data, or use fraudulently credit/debit card numbers

It is forbidden to violate our confidentiality or network, including the access to data not aimed at you, access a server or account, for which you do not have authorized access, or test safety, confidentiality, and other networks( for example: by scanning ports).

It is not allowed to interrupt or interfere in the functionality, efficiency and operation of the website.

No network monitoring should be carried out that intercepts data not aimed at you, nor sending e-mails not requested, including junk e-mail or any other advertising material to individuals that do not request this material.

Suspension and cancelation: If you or someone authorized by you, uses the services of the site contravening this agreement, we can suspend the use of the services and/or the site, total or partially. If something like this happens, we can reject the restitution of services or the website until we receive your guarantees, in the way we consider acceptable, that there will not be other violations of the dispositions of this agreement.

Exclusion of guarantees

If you visit our website and make use of our services, you should be aware that you do it at your own risk. The system of is based on reputation.

For your own benefit, allow reasoning to reign, be cautious and protect yourself.

If we show our categorical rejection, you will give up guarantees of any kind, verbal or explicit, even without restriction; You will also give up commercial guarantees that are implicit, of certain conveniences and contraventions.

Applicable laws and Jurisdiction

The conditions and all the situations that arise from these conditions and that are related with them will be determined by the Swiss material laws, without referring to international civil legal determinations.

Any disagreement, demand, or conflict between a customer and or ABUC Media Network GMBH that arises from this statement and that is related with it, is subject to the exclusive competence of the law division of Basel city, and each party must approve irrevocably its jurisdiction and place.